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Mike's Super Website - - Subdivision of the MoonCorp Creations Site

Click here to visit my first website, run with a friend of mine (opens in a new window)

Monday, January 27th, 2004
Site finished. It's all done...all of it. It's good. Except for the sample game---due to provider errors, the sample game was ultimately unincluded. This was unfortunate, because we (MoonCorp) did put a little bit of time into that demonstration, but it is quite possible that the full game will be in the site when it's done.
 - - MiLk

As it says in bold above, Mike's SUPER Website is a subdivision of MoonCorp Creations. See Navbar (side, with links) for more information on MoonCorp Creations. This site was made as a free time project for Option
7-1, Computers.

Content on this site, as a subsite of MoonCorp Creations, is MoonCorp's property. Technically. But not really.