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About MoonCorp Creations


About MoonCorp Creations
What is the Site About?

About MoonCorp Creations
MoonCorp creations is a non-profit organization that concerns itself with the making of various games. As a non-profit organization, it makes no money, but rather creates its games for the entertainment of its patrons. It is run by me, and a small group of others (five people) who will be listed on the main site, which is not up yet. Our most successful game was called "YinYang Fighters!", although it was only up for download for a short time before we took it down, in favor of creating space for our next and greatest game, entitled "ProtoSoldier". Our original games, small but classics that have been downloaded frequently, are the pride of our website. See the screenshot below, which depicts the favorite classics (and the ones we've finished most of, particularly)